Floral is in my DNA.

Katy has a degree in horticulture from Michigan State University, 30 years of experience in the floral industry, and 9 years of experience as a landscape designer, both for residential and commercial clients.

After success as the owner of a retail floral shop, she formed Katy Fenton, Inc., to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding auto show/convention industry. While those early clients were content to consider floral arrangements as an incidental design element, Katy Fenton continually applied her expertise in horticulture and floral design so that her arrangements influenced exhibit designs.

"My inspiration for all that I do was my grandmother, a self-taught expert gardener. Days spent with her in her gardens were a major influence on my career decisions. Floral is in my DNA."

Katy has worked with every major design and exhibit house in the U.S., designing, preparing, and installing just the right floral arrangements to meet the stated goals of the event and exhibit. Because of her extensive design background and horticulture degree, her clients value her creative recommendations and contributions, and welcome her as a partner in meeting each show's objectives.